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Steben Alexander featured as a Distinguished Artist in the current issue of Art Ascent Magazine Toronto, July 1st 2017. His triptych titled " Lost in a Pool" 2017, 72’’ X 36’’ ( 36’’ X 24’’each) Ed. 1/3 can be viewed on pages 30-31. The Magazine can be viewed and purchased here :




How do you define your art in terms of style?

 My artistic practice shows a reality of enigmatic subjects that bring beauty to the dark and mysterious.  With my interest in the 1920s-1940s era and film noire movement, I explore traditional lighting and  portraiture, immortalizing my models as works of art. My models are staged into scenarios that I  construct to try to depict stories that I tell through figurative photographs. I have always been inspired by  personas throughout history that are remembered for their eccentric personalities and try to retell their  stories through my work.My current projects are focusing on exploring a variety of materials that impact  the result of the outcome of the photograph itself, aesthetically speaking, through gels, lighting, colors  and by revisiting more traditional photographic methods.  

 How does this piece/series relate to the theme of Orange? What inspired it? What is its conceptual background and  tone? How do you want people to feel after viewing/reading it?

The orange gels used in this series give the image a warm euphoric feeling, they were used to distort perspective  and the model herself therefore creating a distance between the viewer and the model. Orange symbolizes happiness and sexuality, the model is seen drowning yet her expression is filled with joy. My artwork is subjective  to the viewer.  

 What techniques and materials did you use for this piece/series?

Traditional photography/ and lighting techniques with Color Gels in front of lens  

 Which artists/writers do you admire?

Man Ray, Joel-Peter Witkins, Pierre Molinier, Cindy Sherman, David Lachapelle, Warhol  
— artascent.com